TL:DR car parts lost by UPS

So I ordered a couple gallons of coolant, a thermostat and a metal catch pan off of Amazon on Tuesday. Those 4 items for some reason were broken up into two orders, one of the coolant and the thermostat, one of the other gallon of coolant and the metal pan. The first order was scheduled to be delivered Wednesday, the second on Thursday. Wednesday comes, and a gallon of coolant but no thermostat arrives. Thursday comes, nothing else arrives. I get emails from Amazon saying UPS wasn’t able to “verify my address” and they needed me to confirm I had the right one. Yes, the same address I’ve had countless packages from Amazon delivered to and the one that is automatically selected for my account is correct, I told them. So they said ok, we’ll patch you through to UPS, and they said yup, don’t see anything wrong with that address, we’ll ship em out tomorrow.

Friday rolls around and I receive nothing. Call Amazon back, they say ok, we’ll consider all those lost. Problem was, they claim they’re out of stock of the thermostat (though the site indicates otherwise) so they refund me for that, and they’ll send out the other gallon of coolant and metal catch pan to arrive Sunday. Well its now Sunday, and another gallon of coolant arrived, but no catch pan.

Then on the other end of things, I called UPS Friday because their tracking number showed the original coolant and drain pan now down in LA (I live in the Bay Area). They said when they weren’t able to verify my address, they defaulted (inexplicably) to my old address in San Luis Obispo. No no no I told them, that is so very wrong, please dont do that, and by the way, get me that stuff as soon as you can. The thermostat meanwhile shows it just sitting in a shipping facility supposedly in Sacramento, so we’ll see about that. Both tracking numbers for those though on their website indicate that their final shipping destinations is still San Luis Obispo even though I repeatedly told them, no, please for the life of me ship them to Berkeley.

All in all, total clusterfuck.