UPS can go to hell

I dropped off am Amazon return package on the weekend at a UPS depot near my house. It was too large to fit in their drop box so I used the locker to deposit it and received an email confirmation. Four days later there is no record of the package other than that a label has been created. I went to the customer service desk at this location today and was told that there isn’t anyone on-site that can open up the locker to retrieve the package. WT everloving F? I was given a number of someone to call that could retrieve the package, but of course he hasn’t called back. I just spent 20 minutes listening to apologies over the phone from them saying that they were going to escalate it, etc...


I swear, if something doesn’t happen in the next few hours I’m going down there with a crowbar and getting my damn package out of their stupid locker. It’s not going that far, only near Chicago, and should have been at the destination in ONE DAY per UPS themselves. In the meantime, my money is held hostage because UPS didn’t bother to get a package that is sitting there in their locker at their own warehouse. What is so damn difficult?

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