Kia Stinger GT Floor Cars Are Hitting California

Not for sale or driving, just the equivalent of an indoor inflatable monkey. That said, Kia did the same thing with the Niro in late October though the car didnt start sales until the last week of January. It seems likely that Kia is going to use the next four weeks to get a car out to most of the dealers to engage potential buyers and get the sales teams familiar with them before they go on sale.

My guess is that:

  • All the show cars will be delivered to dealers by the end of August.
  • US pricing and the configurator will go live in September (which is when the Genesis G70 should be revealed).
  • Sales will start the last week of October.

The car above is a GT AWD which is as expensive as it gets. To my eyes, the materials in this car are the exact same as the current Cadenza and lower K900 models. Pricing should be barely above the Cadenza so Im still thinking $32,000 starting to $51,000 all in including trunk nets, bodycolor tire valve caps, and destination.


By the way, it looks as if the 255 hp 2.0t cars are putting 230 hp to the wheels. I haven’t checked the 3.3t yet but I think it’s actually 326 hp to the wheels from the stats I’ve seen. I honestly believe every automaker is gradually switching to wheel horsepower ratings by 2020. So the 280 hp 4-cyl in the regular Giulia is probably putting that much power down at the wheels.

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