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US Opponauts, would you buy a VW within the next six months?

I’m getting ready to buy/lease a new car but I’m having some trouble picking. I’d rather not go too far beyond $30k and would really only go for it if I was getting a good deal. The problem? The car that ticks all the boxes is a Golf GTI in sport trim.

I was all for it and was going to lease it in the spring but then all the fallout of dieselgate had started to happen and I’ve been nervous about getting a VW ever since the rumors of VW pulling out of the US started. I really don’t want to get stuck with a car with no dealership network.


What are your thoughts? Are any other American Oppos confident enough to get a new VW? Am I just worried for no reason? Or should I get something else?

If you suggest something, it needs to baby fyi.

EDIT : As an insurance agent I ran the numbers on the ST and GTI, the GTI is absurdly more expensive to insure. Nearly 60% more!

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