US Rally wants YOU! So, what does US Rally have to do for you?

Photo Credit: Tara Hurlin

So with the 2016 Rally America championship wrapped up it looks like rally in the ole U.S of A is going to go through some changes next year. The current championship is split between the Rally America of old and the new American Rally Association. For many of the regional teams it will simply be a matter of location and which body can provide the most events within a reasonable distance from home base.

So this leaves us rallyists here in the states with three primary championships and a handful of smaller local championships across the country. All have their own benefits and drawbacks but the real question I have for everyone is what do YOU want from rally in the United States?


It seems that everyone loves to watch rally on YouTube and people appear to be enthusiastic when it comes to buying WRX’s, Evos and Ford RS’s but then events are struggling to find volunteers and people wanting to become involved. Spec Miata and other “budget” race series are doing very well yet for the same budget you could go rallying.

Photo From Ben Newburn

Some people might say “well, there isn’t any competition against Subaru.” Well, sure but if you just look 1 or 2 cars back you’ll find competitors within seconds of each other over two days who are on slim budgets and with an incredible determination to get there, compete, and finish.

So why aren’t more people becoming involved?

What would you guys like to see?

What would get people interested in actually driving out and becoming a part of the sport?


It’s pretty easy and you’d be amazed at how integral and important volunteers and spectators become to the sport.

Let’s say that “hypothetically” someone starts a NEW rally association here in let’s just say it’s generally for rallyists in North America


What would YOU do to make it more appealing.

Would you like to see more manufacturers?

Would you like to see more coverage in general?

Would you like to see nicer shiny expensive cars?

Would you like to see more coverage of Regional entries?

Would you like more spectator areas? Faster sections? Slower sections?

Cheaper costs?

More open class structures?

More rigid classes with an eye towards keeping costs low?

I know there’s a good number of Tri-State people on here. There was a rally this weekend in the Catksills with 42 cars entered. What would make you more interested in taking the weekend to go and get up and close to rally cars?


Congrats. You got to the end. You get a Pastrana slinging gravel in peoples faces.

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