762hp, 713lb.-ft, $115,700 (because $10,000 for ludicrous mode). Here’s your Huracan acceleration.


707hp, 650lb-ft, $62,295. Here’s your Huracan complete batshit, ridiculous, how-is-this-legal ownership experience.

640hp, 630lb.-ft, $83,995. Here’s your access pass to Huracan stupid-crazy track weapon-of-ass-destruction experience.

Obviously the next Ford SHO will be using a trick AWD system and the Ford GT’s 600hp (plus) TT-V6. It will probably be called the Taurus SHOMP (Super High Outpoooooped My Pants).


These vehicles have gone past being sports-sedans and are super-sedans due to the level of absurdity they bring to their segments. We have our niche!

USA! USA! USA! *Daht Daht Dahdut Daaaahhhh Dahdut dut dut Dut DUT!*