I'm sure you're all familiar with the way that Kinja crops leading images larger than 970 x 546. I got tired of manually editing the image's URL to view it full-size, so I made a Chrome extension to automate the process.

This post is an excellent example of Kinja's automatic cropping. The previous method for viewing the image at its original resolution involved opening the image's URL in a new tab and changing the file name ("k-bigpic.jpg) to "original.jpg."

If you use Google Chrome, you can now download and install this extension to make it easier to view images in their original size. Just right click on the image and select "Open original size in new tab" from the menu that appears. Of course, if the image is already being displayed at its highest resolution, there will be no change in its size.


I've tested the extension on several of the Gawker sites, and it appears to work everywhere. Let me know if you encounter any problems using it.