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Used A3s are cheaper than I thought

Maybe this well known and I’m just oblivious but apparently modern compact luxury sedans do not hold their value. I’d guess a lot of these were leased but RIP to any new buyer’s wallet. And aside from the gray one, the others are listed well above the KBB. The A3's FWD cousin, the GTI has held its value better, and had a ~$5k lower sticker price.

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I have spent some time putting a 2.0T A3 through it’s paces and really enjoyed it. It was very comfortable and handled as expected. For course Audi calling these a ‘Quattro’ is a lie, but the Haldex is fine. It is a shame we never got this with a manual, but you also can’t really complain about the DSG. With an APR tune could these make a decent track car?

Will these mid 2010s A3, CLA, and 2-series become forgotten in coming years or could these see a resurgence in popularity as a good driver’s car as they become readily affordable?

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