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I’ve covered a variety of used car buying issues here and in my podcasts. So, I have created a single podcast where I list all the things you can do to protect yourself when buying a used car. Follow this and the odds of getting ripped off drop significantly.


And here are the items on the checklist (which are detailed in the podcast and video):

Research the car and price: don’t just shop by price and never buy a car without researching known problems with that particular make and model.


Check Carfax (or equivalent), keeping in mind that these are not conclusive.

Run the VIN through to see about recalls and TSBs.

Test drive the car as you would drive the car in daily use. Not just around the block at 20 MPH.


Get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic.

Ask to see the title before you agree on a price to make sure the title is clear, clean and that the car is owned by the seller. (And if not, you should at least know that the seller is a curbstoner.)


Understand if the purchase is As-Is and, if it is, budget for the possibility of problems which may arise.

Don’t just do some of these things. Do all of them. As I explain here:

For the audio:


And the video:

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