The Subaru SVX was known as the poor man's Carrera 4 because of its technical similitudes. Both cars were 2+2 AWD GT with boxer engines.

Back in the mid 90's, the SVX was the obvious choice because It was half the price of the Porsche and just as good, with even a better interior. Ironically (or is it karma) the SVX became a classic, if not a cult car, and appreciated rapidly while the aesthetically-challenged 996 Carrera 4 became the most hated Porsche ever as it angered enthusiasts even more than the Panameria. The good thing for us enthusiasts is that this hatred had a very negative effect on the resale value, so 996's can be had for close to nothing.

This leads to a very important question : Is the 996 Carrera4 became the poor man's Subaru SVX ? Join the discussion in kinja below

Image Credits : Marvin Eubanks