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Used Car FaceOff: RWD coupes

Day dreaming on CL, I found two cars I’d consider if I got that imaginary promotion. You know the one that gives you a 6 dollar an Hour raise and a 8-4/Mom-fri schedule with somehow less actual responsibilities. Any way here they are.

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One is a 2014 370Z, with only 25k miles. And a price tag is a hair under 20,000. Which to me seems like a steal. The link says auto but the listing says manual, and that really seems like a manual shifter to me, as the auto Z has no leather boot.


the other a 2011 Mustang GT with 63k miles and a price tag of 17,000. Being a ‘11 it’s the first year of the Coyote 5.0., also this particular mustang has not one single fact vent or scoop.


So which one would you put a down payment on?

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