Indulge me, fellow Opponauts - I’m having a stream of consciousness moment thinking about my next car. I’m interested in a full size lux auto, and am considering the merits of a “previously loved” Lexus LS/S-Class/7-series/A8/Jag. Having read many Tavarish columns and heard the siren song of “buy this formerly expensive auto for less than the price of this much cheaper car” I have to question what the risk may be. Sure, the potential downside of any 10 year old German sedan is the specter of a horrifyingly expensive surprise shop visit. If we compare the above cars as 8-10 year old examples with comparable mileage, do any come out ahead? Does a Lexus typically hold up better than the German makes? Any of these vehicles could be expensive to fix if some major part goes south, but what are the typical risk areas for these cars? With so many older lux cars on the road, *somebody* is buying them. (unassailable logic there, right?) Discuss.