Used Porsche Panamera or Audi A5 Sportback or new Kia Stinger?

Used luxury cars, depending on the brand, depreciate fast and sometimes hard. With the Kia Stinger still being the new hotness and one of the best bang for your buck sport sedans on the market right now, I’d thought I’d compare them to some used models. This also comes in handy with me wanting to get another car soon.

If you dare compare the Kia (!) Stinger to other upmarket vehicles like Kia intends buyers too, it can be closely matched to the Porsche Panamera and Audi A5 Sportback. The main thing that can be said about all 3 is that all 3 are 4 door sedans that share a liftback body style. But depending on the Stinger model, its either more closely related to the A5 or the Panamera.


First up, the Panamera. Depending on the year, used Panamera prices come right in line with heavily discounted Stinger GT’s. That means high $20’s low $30’s. Unfortunately that also means that you, if you are wanting to go cheap for Porsche performance, will have to make due with early model year Panameras. So figure 2010-2014. That also means higher mileage. Panameras at this price range look to have mileage ranging from 50-110 thousand miles. Any lower or any newer, and you push $40k. This also limits you to only choosing the base V6 or Panamera S models. For the sake of comparing though, lets stick with the V6 model.

This example for instance, is a 2011 Panamera for $29,998 with just over 46k miles. In a sentence I never thought I’d be typing, the Kia is actually up on power compared to the Panamera from nearly 10 years ago. Back then it came powered by a 3.6 V6 putting out 300 horses and 295 lb ft of torque routed to the rear wheels through a 7 speed auto. Inside you get all the Porsche quality and goodies, some of which is standard on the Panamera (like a sunroof) or not even offered on the Panamera but the Stinger has it (sat radio). The Stinger and Panamera are also close in dimensions as well being within a few inches of each other in all manor of interior dimensions.

While looking like a good deal on the surface (especially to those driven by the badge and being seen) The downside to the Panamera is its ownership and maintenance costs. I couldn’t find data on a 2011, but 5 year cost of ownership for a 2016 Panamera is nearly $90k, with depreciation and maintenance being the bulk of that. A brake job for just the front brakes will run $1200-$1500.

2018 with 7k on the odo for $34,490

Next up,the Audi A5 Sportback seems to be better. For one its a new model, having been just introduced for 2017. However the A5 can be more closely matched to a Stinger 2.0 Premium AWD. Depreciation has made the A5 Sportback be relatively affordable for what it is. Brand new, an A5 Sportback starts at $44,200 for the base Premium. But used they can be found from the high $20’s to the mid to high $30’s with low low miles. Most I found had under 10k on the odo. Which also means that a lot of Sportback models are CPO off lease vehicles in fantastic condition.


The comparison VS the Stinger has its caveats though besides price and being certified. For instance, mark one in the A5’s category for having AWD standard on any model. That’s just the nature of it being Audi of course. AWD on the Stinger however, can be had in either the 4 or the V6 and is a $2500 option regardless of trim. Mark one for the Stinger though for offering a turbo V6 while the A5 Sportback only offers a 252 horse 2.0 turbo 4 across the board. You have to step up to the $52k S5 to get V6 power, and even then at 349 horses, the Stinger GT still is up 16 horses over it. But in 4 cylinder trim, the A5 Sportback and base Stinger are close. The Stinger gets a 2.0 turbo 4 with 255 horses and an 8 speed auto. But the Stinger is the bigger car overall in most dimensions.

With the A5 and Stinger both being new models, a 5 year cost to own cant be calculated yet since both haven’t been on the market 5 years. Maintenance costs of course will be higher than the Stinger just by nature of it being an Audi, but it wont be Porsche expensive. Using the standard A5 coupe as a reference, a brake job looks to cost anywhere from $5-700 bucks, which still isn’t cheap, but its not thousands.


So which would you guys choose? The Panamera is for those that want the status and performance that comes with a Porsche badge. But its going to hit your pockets hard when things go wrong. And with the only affordable models being almost 10 years old or with high miles it might be a bit of a gamble if you can’t afford newer or versions with lesser miles.

The A5 Sportback might be the sweet spot if you’re a badge whore. Its newer and like I mentioned, many examples can be found with low low miles and they are CPO for piece of mind. You won’t have the capable performance of the 6, but the turbo holds it own good, plus you have the all weather capability of awd.


And of course you have the Stinger which, if you don’t care about the badge, is the best all around value. Combine that with the excellent warranty coverage and the performance of GT ( I still hate how unfortunate it is that you can tell the difference between a 4 cylinder version and the GT with those terrible standard headlights) along with steep discounts on new models and its quite possibly the best all around value on the market today.

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