What’s Oppos take on a 2013 Prius with 43k miles? My friend found this to replace his ‘01 Camry, so I went and looked at it with him and it seemed like it was clean and in good shape. Its being sold by a large, reputable GM dealer near my place.

He doesn’t care about performance, he just wants something “reliable, that gets good gas mileage, and won’t cost a lot to maintain”. He’s looking to spend around $15k, give or take, and doesn’t care if it’s used or new. Given those criteria, I suggested basically anything else. For about the same money he could buy a brand new Cruze (I’m biased, I know). It gets 29/40 EPA, so not quite Prius mileage but a huge step up from his Camry, and it comes with a full warranty. Im sure other marquees offer similar deals. Am I crazy? Wrong? What does Oppo think?


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