Oppo rules! Thanks mkbruin!

I need to source a new driver’s side seat for my truck, an ‘06 GMC Sierra crew cab. The seat belt, which as you can see in the picture is built into the seat, no longer retracts. Also, the back of the seat is bent a bit, which is why I don’t want to bother going to the trouble of stripping down my current seat and replacing the retracter.

Problem is, after about a month of searching, I’m coming up snake-eyes. There’s one guy on Craigslist who has a set. He’s a bit far away, but I’d be willing to make the drive. Unfortunately, he’s being a colossal prick, so that’s not gonna happen. LKQ doesn’t have any in their inventory, not even in the wrong color (I could swap the covers). They’re too big and heavy to be cost effectively shipped, so eBay is out.

Anybody else have an idea where I could look for these damn things?

Unfortunately between the built in seat belt, and the airbag sensors, swapping in a completely different seat is totally out of the question.