Saw this in a Facebook comment, and checked it out. I’ve got updates on my Dad’s old trucks, and it’s not good.

-1984 Bronco. As previously told, it’s confirmed scrapped. Cryin’ shame. I really, really miss that truck, and as pathetic as it may sound, it still stings to think about it.

-’87 Ranger. This is the second most painful. This truck kickstarted my love of cars at 3 years old. Amazingly, despite being sold with plenty of rust and a lifter tick, it outlived the Bronco by almost 3 years.

As a 3 year old, those square headlights just did it for me. I thought it looked aggressive. Didn’t care about the lift, or the push bar, or the roll bar, etc.


And, the 2005 FX4 Ranger. I’d posted last February that it’d been in a wreck, but sold at auction, giving me hope it’d live another day. No such luck. Scrapped about two months before I posted that.


Now for some good news:

-’04 F-150: Still running around down south somewhere.


- ‘03 Ram 1500 HEMI: Ended up in Ohio.

- ‘95 F-150. Still around, same spot it’s been in. Five minutes from the house, and rusty as hell.


The site is All the info in this post came from there. Well, except for the ‘95 F-150. That came from my own two eyes.