When using craigslist be patient, it can take days to get a response. Futher explaination after the jump.

This is important to know because multipul times Ive made offers for rims, cars, ect and not gotten a response within the first few days. Later after spending my money on inferior items or less great deals I get responses for the item I wanted. This is very disappointing because I couldve been more patient, and the fault lies solely on me.

Example: Im making an attempt to get rid of my car so I search for rims/ tires that arnt bald, Some decent semi expensive rims w/ tires pop up. I offer $250 and dont get a responce. A few days later I drop $500 into a new set of tires, the very next day I get a responce saying that my offer would work for them. This has ruined my entire day. considereing how much money I make, it is supremely fucked, esspecially just to get rid of a car.

Ive proven to myself many many times that patience is of the upmost importance, Hope you dont make the same mistakes as me.