Useless Emails:

Exhibit A:

Email 1, 11:27am - sent by, let’s call him John. Well composed, describes an issue with possible solutions and suggests one as the likely best. Copied on email: me, Mike, and Sally.

Email 2: Mike replies to all, saying I agree with John and let’s go forward with his proposed solution (which, by the way, ONLY DIRECTLY INVOLVES HIM) we can always adjust for the stated reason. Again, everyone is copied.


This is as far as this topic ever needed to go.

But wait.

4 hours later, email 3: from Sally, this is the whole email:

“Info below...”

Replies to all.

Come on Sally, we were all in on the brief exchange that occurred. Now I wasted 2 minutes scrolling down looking for some new information that... wasn’t there.

Goddamnit Sally.

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