So our driver quit last Friday. 3 days and 3 scheduled replacements later, NOT ONE has actually showed up.

Assholes. If you don’t want a job, how about not looking for one. Let the people who DO want one have the opportunity, and (from a selfish POV) allow the businesses that need a position filled to FILL IT.



- Day 1. No-show.

- Day 2. No-show.

- Day 3. No-show.

- Day 4. Miracle! Got a driver. Seems OK.

- Day 5. Same guy. Does 70km/h on the highway in the fast lane. Fakes being hurt when he gets sick of carrying stuff and makes his partner do the work. Miraculous recovery as son as the delivery is finished. Had 6 deliveries booked, completed 3.


*Weekend of mystery*

- Day 6. Ask 2 agencies for drivers to be sure we’re covered. BOTH show (apparently the solution all along is ask for more than you need). Send one out as a helper for the other, who seems like a nice, clean, responsible person. Get a call asking if he can take off early to see the Raptors celebration if he finishes in time. Eh, what the hell. Why not... shows up back at the shop with 3 stops not completed, and no time to send him back out.


*I decided I might as well let it slide, even though it’s his first day. By all accounts he was a reliable person at his last job, and apparently had this all planned out with his family before losing said job. And being in Toronto, this could be a once in a lifetime celebration—I get the excitement. It’s not exactly an ordinary day. But still, strike one.*

*After he leaves, I get a call from a customer that the goods had been delivered carelessly and not in the place he wanted them. Apparently the first few units they put where he wanted, and as soon as he wasn’t looking (had to go to another site briefly) dumped it all in the easiest spot and left. Again, pain in the ass for me because now I’ve got to take time out to go back and fix the BS. Again, excitement, and I dunno how reliable his partner (who we decided we didn’t need to come back) was, and they were two-person carry items. His general happy attitude still has me more or less trusting him. Yet we aren’t paying you to rush to the Raps parade, we’re paying you to do your fucking job right. Strike two.*


- Day 7. Thinking we’re finally going to get back into a rhythm, full day lined up. No show.


Also, fruit flies. Fuck them.

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