I have a 10" Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2. It came in Windows and Android versions. Mine is the Android one. The Windows one, but not the Android one, came with this accessory bluetooth keyboard that clips on to it with magnets. I just got the keyboard. It’s not perfect, but I kinda like it.

Lenovo may or may not still sell the accessory keyboard themselves. There were different listings on their site, some which say out of stock, others which say available. But they wanted $100 for it, which was a bit steep for me to justify when the whole tablet was $230. Instead, I found someone on eBay selling the keyboard, that according to the listing, came with a now-broken Windows version of the same tablet. $50 shipped was much more palatable of a price.

The keyboard has a little flap at the top of it with magnets in it that the battery hump on the bottom (side?) of the tablet plops into. You need to use the tablet’s kickstand to support it, as the magnets don’t really have enough strength to hold the tablet up like a laptop hinge. But on a table, it stands up fine. I’m pretty good at typing on all sorts of keyboards, so I can touch type well enough.

The touchpad is a little wonky, in that it’s a click-pad, but clicking doesn’t actually do anything in Android. Instead you tap on it so it doesn’t click, because if you push the touchpad down to click instead of tapping it, nothing happens. Also, the touchpad has 2-finger scrolling, but it’s not nearly as smooth as using the touchscreen.


On the plus side, it’s a keyboard for my tablet, which thanks to my Office 365 subscription at work, and my using OneDrive for Business, I can actually get a lot done with just my tablet, and not mess with my laptop. The touchpad, while a little wonky, works fine in situations where you want some more precise pointing action than the touchscreen gives, like selecting text while editing, or messing around in Excel, which is actually pretty solid for Android.

Would I pay $100 for the privilege of having this keyboard? Probably not. But it’s kinda neat to have, now that I have it.