Mrs. BaconSandwich’s Pontiac Vibe isn’t as cold as it should be. The A/C blows cool, but not cold, so I picked up an A/C recharge kit. The instructions in the kit and on the cans of refrigerant say not to mix types, and to dispose of the existing refrigerant. The system right now is filled with r134a from the factory, and the stuff in the kit is 12a (which is supposed to be an r134a replacement. (Just the straight stuff, none of that leak stop stuff). I’m wondering - is it worth returning the kit I got and using something that can be mixed with r134a, or is it actually safe to mix r134a and 12a, despite what the kit says? I just came across another kit by a company called RED TEK that is supposed to be safe to add to r134a.

I feel kind of silly to ask questions like this, but sometimes labels are there for legal reasons (i.e.: cover their butts), while other times there’s legit reasons for warnings like that.

So is it safe to mix 12a and r134a, or should I pick up a different kit? It’s a minor inconvenience - I’ve got a full evening already, so it just means the job will be delayed another night or two.


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