I learned abruptly that a close cousin had passed away. Spent some time with family this morning and just didn’t know what to do with myself. So I dove head first into my 3 Wheeler and a 30 pack.

We all have ways of dealing with depression and mine would put a tweaker to shame. I unbolted, prepped and painted everything I could all at once. The only things left are changing the rear tires and chain.

Pardon me as I go off the rails for a sec..

My cousin was a Ranger. He spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan. An IED took his right leg and whatever was being used against our guys over there took his life. He developed over 20 tumors that couldn’t be stopped. Every time he got a little better BAM! Another popped up. A body can only go through that so much.

I don’t care what if you’re a Dem, Republican or other, I don’t care what anyone’s stance is on the “war” or any war for that matter.


Just be sure to give a thought for the folks in our Military who are doing their job every day regardless of how dangerous it is.