It can be hard to find - a product being used to even a fraction of its potential - much like the elusive common sense, which if you think about it goes hand-in-hand. People buy gigantic diesel F350 Duallies to carry around 30's of Budweiser and occasionally a La-Z-Boy perhaps. People buy classic cars and let them sit in a climate-controlled concrete sarcophagus for eternity. Others buy 5- or 6-figure boats only to have them sit around unused because they’re at their other beach house.

That’s not me.

I haul garbage and rocks and dirt and firewood in my BMW wagon. I have a classic truck that I use (gasp!) as a TRUCK! And I have a 1989 Supra inboard ski boat that I got for under $5k over ten years ago; I still have it, and I use it all the time. Just this weekend I turned over 1600 hours, which I’d say is in the ballpark of 160k miles for a car. For a car that, for most people, gets used even less often than their garage queen antique. In Florida, that’s nothing, but this is in New Hampshire, where the boating season is a bit... shorter. I did install a heater to help extend the season on both ends.

I know, it’s hard to see - but there’s my 1599.9 turning over, literally, like a proper old school odometer would have done.


Sorry for the dark picture, it was taken at 10:03 PM as you can see. Because that’s when my wife and I have our own free time to ourselves, while the kids are sleeping. I like the lake better at night anyway. *Side note: I had to turn on the dash lights for the pic, usually they’re shut off with a swtich I installed so I could see better at night without all those gauges (there are 8!) staring me in the face.

Pictured: said boat, with some family and of course the loyal dog.


That’s all for now, folks. Go and use your stuff! It’s fun!

Oh and that reminds me, the boat is due for an oil change. And so is the truck. That’s the only thing about using your stuff...