Over the weekend me and the family ventured forth to the 2019 edition of the Utah Auto Expo. There were a few reasons behind this outing:

1. We could look for replacements for my wife’s MDX without having a salesman up our ass.

2. I like looking at cars.

3. The tickets were free.

It was great, because we got to check out various family haulers, and the ones my wife initally liked (like the Mazda CX-9, or VW Atlas) were struck from the list (the 3rd row in the Mazda sucked, and the VW felt cheap compared to GM’s offerings). It also helped us get a better idea of what we would lease if we had to go with something smaller for a few years to get out from under our MDX (we were both impressed by the Chevy Cruze, Nissan Kicks, and Toyota Rav4), because we might end up needing a minivan in a few years anyway (her parents are possibly buying a house with us later this year, and huge SUVs aren’t exactly easy for retired folks to get in and out of as they get older).


I will say that if I was in the market for myself, as much as I like the GTI and Civic Si coupe, I would get an Elantra GT turbo hatchback. That thing is the business.


I offer pics of my kids with Salt Flat speed machines and a righteous Mercury wagon in the parking lot as tribute.

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