Here we have LHD-5, the Wasp-class Bataan being pushed into a dock at the mouth of the bay by 3 Navy tugs (which are hard to see ... I should use a better camera than my iPhone's for these). Named for the heroic defenders of Bataan during WWII and the subsequent truly unpleasant walk forced on those defenders when they surrendered to the Japanese, the Bataan is a sister ship to the Essex that I covered the other day.

Question for former/current Squids who served/spent time at/otherwise are familiar with North Island:

I've pointed out where Bataan currently is on the map above. If I had to guess, this is some kind of supply point ... maybe mission modules are loaded here? So far I've only noticed ships designed to use these tend to dock here and they are typically there for less than a day and never overnight. Anyone?