Economy-sized slices of American muscle. That’s what V-twins are.

Those awesome bike up there are made entirely of bolt-on parts sold by Epic Moto Co. (epicmotoco.com), and bolt on directly with no fabrication (at least I don’t think so), and now I’m thinking about buying another Road King.


Harley-Davidson has officially made a Sons of Anarchy bike, if the Low Rider S Street Glide, Road Glide and Switchback weren’t enough. The Sport Glide gives you the stripped-down looks of the Softail Slim with the pegs and suspension from the Fat Bob and a fairing, exhaust and rims all its own, PLUS the fairing and mini-bags come off and on in under a minute! It’s a café-style cruiser for people too big for the Street Rod/Sportster, and a light tourer for cool city riders. If you only want one bike, this would be a great choice.

Although I wonder why they don’t do that quick-release mount on ALL the baggers! I would love it if all the Harley-Davidson touring models could be stripped down to their bare essentials whenever you felt like it.


In Indian Motorcycle news: Roland Sands, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to make a chopper of his own! The RSD Cheif ‘Mescaline’ is a build to honor his dad and the kinds of bikes he used to watch his dad make, and also to use a Thunder Stroke 111 in a chopper build because it’s never been done, and why not? The Indian motor is as good as any Harley-Davidson mill!

(I can give you a good reason why not, coincidentally-that motor runs nice and makes great power, but it also runs HOT. I recently rode a Cheiftain Dark Horse, and it didn’t feel nearly as heavy or long as it was but it burned my leg and toasted my nuts every time I stopped. I might still get one if I had the money, but an aftermarket intake would be purchased immediately!)


The look and stance is pure, top-notch chopper, and the bike wouldn’t look a bit out of plafe in Easy Rider. The tech behind it, though, is built to RIDE! Plunger springs in the back give you just enough cushion to protect the custom frame from that one bump you missed, slim wheels front and rear and narrow pegs allow you to lean, and that raked-out front end holds an Öhlins resorvoir shock(those things are EXPENSIVE, man! I was looking at some for my other bike(don’t ask)-11 grand, man! WHY?!) and a couple of LEDs for those night rides.

Then he fabbed a suicide shifter, because it’s fucking badass. And the whole time he was msking THAT, he was consulting on THIS!

That guy is living the best life.

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