“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
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The trifecta. And it has up-to-date maintainance records, a knowledgeable seller, and a fair price.


Please don’t sell please don’t sell please don’t sell.

My attainable dream car list goes like this-

Sunburst Miata (OEM+, cleanest example possible)

Subaru Baja (solid color, manual, sti running gear)

FD rx7 (not against the LS swap but I want to at least sample the rotary before taking that step)


NSX (first gen, obviously. Priciest car on the attainable dream car list, but as of right now there are still nice examples in the 30's.)

And above ALL OF THOSE... V70r, manual, good color, good condition. Red over tan isn’t my top choice—lightning blue over orange, or Hyper silver over blue—but it’s still pretty fantastic. Maybe it will still be for sale in a month or two. Fingers crossed. Now that my Rangers and Outback are gone, the Miata has been feeling a bit lonely.


Here’s another Unicorn. One owner, manual, rare color combo, great condition, low miles, etc. I don’t love attacoma flash though... Especially on the sedan. If I decided to keep it longterm, I’d end up repainting it, but that would be like buying a purple M3 and respraying. Sacrilege.

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