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V8 Utes Do It Better, and by "It" I Mean Crash

This is the third race of the weekend at the Gold Coast for the V8 Utes series, one of the V8 Supercars support series and one of the shortest races you'll ever see. Partway through the first lap David Sieders blows straight through a chicane, plowing into the tire wall on the other side. The wall, in turn, bounces him back onto the track and into the path of the entire race field, resulting in a massive crash that damages about half the field, ends the racing career of a few utes, and brings out the red flag for the race. Fortunately all the drivers escaped uninjured but due to the length of cleanup and the time constraints with the weekend's other events the race was never restarted and instead was declared official with less than a lap completed. On the plus side, if it weren't for this brutal crash I would never have realized the V8 Utes still have fully operational rear tailgates.


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