Blessed be the hands of the chosen men, what who saw in a lifeless lump of aluminum and steel a vision of power unrelenting, and torque everlasting.

Here I am today, a sinner. Steeped in the treacherous misdeeds of the beige 4 cylinders, as many men are. Blinded by the lies told to us by worldy figures welding powers they posses but clearly have not earned. I am theirs no longer! Save me, holy relics of the golden octal age. Bathe me in your siren songs of the redline. Clense me of my autotragic sins and pull my soul from the infernal depths of the rolla Cor.


I pledge to you now body and flesh. All that I have is yours. All that I may obtain I will tithe to you. By word and deed I am yours now and forever.

By my deeds I honor thee. V8.