*Only, not. I’m staying at a family house on a lake but it’s 15 minutes from our normal house and my wife and I are both still going to work... maybe taking Friday off.

Still, the view is nice to come home to, we can go in the boat at a second’s notice, and we aren’t compelled to do chores for an hour or two after the kids are in bed, we just sit on the porch and chat, perhaps with a cocktail. I actually read 50 pages of my book last night, which was great.


Side note: in the picture below, there used to be a 50' hemlock that died about 5 years ago - you can see the stump, actually. All my childhood it was there providing shade to the lawn, house, porch, etc. and now it’s gone, so we planted a few replacements. The kids also planted acorns in their sandbox a few years ago and those trees are already doing quite well! Go figure, you can shove an acorn into sand, totally neglect it, then bam! Oak tree. It’ll be neat to show the kids pictures of them playing in that sandbox when those trees are towering over them 30 years from now.

For now, back to work.

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