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I have been through probably the worst 3-month stretch of my working life. Stress ratcheted up to 11, weeks of 12-15 hour days, profound frustration, and the cratering of my professional self-confidence. All the while, I’ve been dealing with a minor (but frustrating and painful) health problem. I’ve had some pretty serious breakdowns over all of this, but fortunately I have the support of my husband, who has been fantastically supportive and I really have no idea where I’d be without him.


This week has been significantly better (except for Monday), but now it’s more awesome because I’m on VACATION!! My husband is too, and this will be his first vacation in over a year due to his job change.

We’re going to drive down to my parents on Monday to drop the doggo off, then we’ll drive back up on Tuesday. Wednesday we are flying to Seattle for a couple of days because he’s always wanted to go there, and then it’s back on Friday night. As much as I’d love to meet some PNW Oppos, this is the first time we’ve had off together in a long time and we’re going to make the most of it, so please forgive me!


I haven't been this excited for time off in a very long while.

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