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Vacation 2019 Summary

I’m back from vacation, it was excellent. Here’s the summary of the trip (me and four friends) - if you just want pictures, they’re afterwards:

Flew into San Francisco, checked out that area including the requisite viewing of the Golden Gate Bridge and a stop at the Computer History Museum. We then drove down to Fresno. From there we spent a day in Sequoia national park, then back to Fresno for the night. The next day we spent a bit of time in Yosemite and exited via Tioga pass, then bombed across Nevada to spend the night in Wendover, UT.


The next morning we stopped by the Bonneville Salt Flats (I have confirmed them to be salt and flat), then continued towards Salt Lake City. We got some supplies there, then headed south to our hotel in Moab. The following morning we picked up a couple rental Jeeps and spent the day on the trails, which was excellent. That evening we booked it over to Grand Junction, CO for the night.

In the morning we swung by Denver to drop off the rental van and pick up a couple less-miserable-to-drive-in-the-mountains cars, then headed to a cabin we had reserved for a few days in Twin Lakes, CO. In the following couple days we did much driving around, checking out roads and the scenery. We even decided to go drive up Pike’s Peak because that’s cool.


Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and late last night/early this morning I got home (we flew out of Denver). It was an excellent trip, with good friends, good roads, and great scenery.

Here’s some highlights (a bunch of these are upside down in the editor, hopefully the right way around once posted):

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