I was all set to take my car on its first major road trip with us, as my wife and I leave for Pensacola, Florida this Saturday. It’s a 579 mile, 8.5 hour drive according to Google Maps.

Then, my wife hits me with this: “I know how you are with your car. What if we get sand in it? I don’t want our vacation ruined by you worrying about your car.” I said, my HuskyLiners floor mats will catch the sand. They caught a 32 ounce Diet Dr. Pepper, after all. Then she got me to thinking about rock chips on the interstate, door dings in crowded Florida parking lots, etc.

Car OCD is the worst. I’m still upset about the dime-sized scuff on my passenger rear view mirror from my garage door hitting excursion. Why can’t I let little things like that go and accept them as part of life like other people? Instead, I obsess. It’s quite odd. Never should have bought a new car, but it’s too late to ride that train now.

Looks like wifey’s car may be going to Florida.

OCD is not fun, y’all. Not at all. It may sound silly to be worked up over a scuff on my car. And it is. But after a while, it’s not even about that anymore. It morphs into other thoughts that I seem to have no control over and then I’m left with an eerie and hopeless sense of anxiety and dread. It’s exhausting.

I really am hoping some rest and relaxation on the beach will help. But not if I’m worried about who is parked next to my car. Doesn’t help that this car seems to be a bit cursed. I bought it in October, and here’s a run down of what’s happened to it:

1. Nick in the sunvisor from a sunvisor clip - first week I had the car. Replaced sunvisor.


2. Nick in the rear console plastic from putting my old car’s license plate in the rear floorboard. No one but me can see it. Literally.

3. Massive door ding in February. Fixed by Paintless dent repair for $130.00.

4. Upholstery peeling on driver’s seat bottom. Fixed under warranty in March.

5. Bracket holding side plastic trim of driver’s seat broken by me getting my leg caught on it as I was getting out of the car. Fixed by dealer for free in April.


6. Backed out of the garage and hit my mirror on the side of the garage door opening. This past Monday, May 25th.

Perhaps I’m trying to be told something, here...