Starting my vacation in one hour. Gone for a week and a half, with no solid plans other than tomorrow (when I somewhat miraculously reach the ripe old age of 35).

With no real agenda for my time off and weather that seems to be cooperating, I think it’s going to be a fine time to take the Corvette over to Marin county, and enjoy the Pacific Coast Highway.

Yeah...that’ll do.

Or maybe a loop around Lake Tahoe...


Meanwhile, I lack the motivation to do anything. Even sitting at my desk feels exhausting. I just want to be home with an open beer in one hand, a whiskey sour in the other, and 11 days of absolutely nothing essential to look forward to.

For your time, a very angry deTomaso Pantera!


Now, you all behave yourselves while I’m gone!

Or not. Who cares, I’ll be on vacation.

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