Vacation dentistry.

I’m supposed to leave on a short vacation to visit some friends and family in Western NE tomorrow, but not before having an unplanned root canal at 7:15 tomorrow morning. This should be interesting. Whatever happens, I doubt I’ll be driving the morning shift.

I also means RIP to my wallet and no chance of playing with the racecar this year. I did four crowns earlier this year that had been long expected and planned for, and they still have strained my budget. This blows a hole in it. Nuts.


To add insult, I don’t think my dental insurance is going to pay anything for this root canal and subsequent crown because I’m pretty sure I’ve already hit the max benefit for this year.

This year is going to end up being five dental crowns. I’ve bought good cars for far less money. My dentist (a long time family friend) suggests I should ask for a refund on the genetic lottery, as I inherited my Mother’s expensive dentition.

This is a molar that I broke a corner off of earlier in the year that also resulted in a crack and a subsequent cavity. We did a filling at the time, knowing there was a probability of needing to do a root canal and a crown at some point down the road. My dentist had hoped this would be a few years down the road, knowing the other four crowns were already on the books for this year. I wasn’t that lucky.

This tooth hasn’t really had an pain to speak of, but I noticed some swelling in my jaw when shaving on Wednesday. Knowing that nothing good was probably going on even if I didn’t have any pain, I made an emergency appointment to get seen this afternoon. The assistant noted the swelling and took an X-ray. As soon as it posed on the screen I could see filling, what looked like part of it cracked off up against the tooth next to it and a big black void under the tooth that wasn’t there on any of the teeth around it. I commented that it probably wasn’t good, and she responded with “I can’t tell you that’s an abscess, but the Dentist is probably going to come tell you that in a minute.”. It was at that moment my wallet wanted to burst into flames and hopes of two or four wheeled fun for this year evaporated.


Have a coworker’s happy Honda for your time.

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