We’re staying at a family-owned lake house this week but still going to work. That part sucks but at least when I get out of work, we go places like this:

Early 20th century boathouse with a badass slide. Some say you’re not a local until you’ve gone down that slide... head first... on your back... at night... naked. Yes, I have done that.


Turn around and this is the view the other way:

Then it was a full moon.


Not bad for holding a camera in my hands. Sony RX100 mkII in a fully-automatic shooting mode. Not great but not terrible.


My daughter also lost her first tooth while sitting in the boat by herself! She was acting shy, giggling, and covering her mouth. Eventually she spit the tooth out on request after holding it in there for a couple minutes. What’s funny about that is my son lost his first tooth almost exactly two years ago (August 13, 2017, I looked it up in my pictures), also in the same boat and about 1/2 mile away from that same spot.

One more night, one more day of #lakelife and my wife and I are taking the day off tomorrow. Can’t wait. Oh and we’re going out on the lake with friends on Saturday night. I should probably get some gas before then.

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