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Vacuumlopnik Review : Hoover Pro Pet Windjammer 3 somethingerother 5000 GTR/S

I never though I'd hit that age where I'd be excited for when I get vacuums instead of car parts in the mail. Well, that age is 27, and though I still get excited for car parts in the mail I was pretty excited to see this beast.

it's got some ass to it both sucking wise and weight but it moves easily. Lays down pretty flat to get under everything and overall did a killer job. Though a bit heavy light I mentioned before, the brushes are strong enough to pull the whole thing along the floor with little assistance. It replaced this guy


yes it's being held together by duct tape. No I didn't do the edges of my carpet yet.

So best buy free to deliver, normally $230 ish, they ran it for $200, online coupon promo code dropped it down to $145 ish with tax.

It empties easy, adjustable brush heights, and had the pet buster 5000 attachment which was a major selling point because of this little guy


he's a little special so he gets scared easily. When he does his hair acts like the flares of an AC130 as seen here.


The couch is spotless and I couldn't be happier. It also conquered the mighty kitty tower as well - no easy task for even the best of vacuums.


I've looked into other, more expensive options (a problem I seem to have in going overkill on just about everything I buy) but this seemed like it was potent enough for me and did a killer job. If anyone would like a duct taped together red dirt devil it's out by my dumpster.

Appearance : 8/10

Power : 8/10

Handling : 9/10

Toys : 9/10

Value : 9/10

Overall : 43/50

Bonus kitty picture

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