Valentines Post II

Post the first car you fell in love with. The absolute first car I can remember thinking “I like this” was an old Jaguar XJ that would often be parked on my walk to and from elementary school. This would have been around 2000-2005. Sometimes I would dream of one day owning it.

I am not sure what stood out about it to 10-12 year old COFL, but I think it was just the presence it had. Like nothing my or my friends parents had, that’s for sure. I lived in a pretty plain suburb, lots of new minivans.

Interestingly, this would have been around the time my truck came into my life.  At 13 years old, I wasn’t too wild about it, I thought it was kinda a POS.


It’s been gone for some time, but using the magic of Google, I have some photos of the exact car. Show me yours!

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