I changed the rusted out muffler on my โ€˜07 Si. today and sometimes, having the right tools make all the difference.

First I snapped off one of the exhaust pipe bolts. There was no way that I could drill out the captured nut so I dug out my trusty air chisel and made quick work by knocking the nut off the pipe flange.

Then when the bolt broke on the exhaust tip, I drilled out the bracket and using my safety wire pliers and using 0.041 stainless wire made a permanent attachment to the pipe.

By the way, I had the muffler fail at the end of August and using safety wire and some sheet metal accomplished a temporary repair till I could replace the muffler. Who knows, my fix might have lasted for years!

I find that large gauge safety wire and pliers to be one of the handiest tools I own. And I have used that air chisel twice in 25 years. Each time it was the only tool for the job and saved hours. Having the right tools make all the difference.