Being busy with the entire car (body, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission) is taking way too much time but has one advantage: It makes it possible for me to do things I've been willing to do for a long time anyway. Yesterday I got a valve cover which I'm going to use as a 'proof of concept':

First I'm going to blast it and then I'm not clear yet what to do with it: Make it black with the BMW-characters and lines (and all other characters like the 'zündfolge' and related cylinder numbers) just cleared and done with a transparent varnish / clearcoated. It should then be looking somewhat like this (found this one on though this is not a E30 valve cover (those had the BMW-roundel instead of the BMW-characters if I remember correct):

That never was an original option neither was it something that has an authentic look but hey: I think it looks great.

Other option could be just blasting it and clearcoating it to keep that authentic look, should be something like this (taken from


What's your opinion and does anybody have a clue what paints / how many layers to use as the temperature can pretty high up there?