At least for a month or so, and possibly more if it's surprisingly fun and reasonable enough, I plan on living in a car on an indefinite roadtrip around the US. Here's the thing, though... The real purpose is that the entire trip will be a sort of "treasure hunt," if you will. I'll bring my metal detector, but I'll also be hitting every single flea market and/or antique shop I come across. Because I love those things, regardless what you think of them. Anyway, the plan is that if I find something ridiculously underpriced, I buy it. Once the car starts getting a bit weighed down, I buy a booth/table at the next flea market or toy show or whatever is applicable and sell those things at a profit. The goal isn't to try to make money overall, but just to keep the cost of the trip as low as possible. And if I do happen to find a collection of autographed Babe Ruth cards or something, that's just a huge bonus. But don't think I'm expecting to strike it rich. It's the thrill of the search that's fun.

Anyway, yeah. I'll need a car that's big enough to sleep in. Showers can be had at truck stops or friends' houses depending on where I am. (Hell, I could even take a bottle of shampoo to a beach and use their free public showers if I'm crazy enough, which I am.) and obviously toilets aren't a problem, so it doesn't have to be a legit RV. Just something that someone 5'11" can comfortably sleep in, so virtually any wagon with all but the driver's seat removed would work. But then it also needs to have a fair amount of space left over, some for clothes and other essentials (think of whatever you'd bring on a 10-day+ vacation) and then more for the things I'll pick up along the way. It doesn't need to be spacious, but it can't be too cramped.
Then, it needs to be reliable. I can't sleep in it if it's in the shop, so if it has any serious/costly problems, that pretty much ends the trip right then and there. And finally, the better it is on gas, the better it is overall. I'm not looking for anything fast or pretty. Just something that works and works well.
Price isn't too big of a deal at the moment, but the cheaper the better. Preferably under $5,000, but a bit over is fine if it makes all the difference.

So yes. Jalopnik is a very diverse place, and apparently one of us wants to live in a van and buy old junk for a few weeks.