YouTube description:

"As torrential rains fell upon the typically dry state on Monday, water flooded across the Interstate 15 north of Las Vegas and created a massive stream of water between the lanes strong enough to sweep the car into a ravine beneath the road.

In the video captured by Shane Dukeman the van is seen floating on the thick muddy water, slowly moving toward the chasm where the flood rivers become a waterfall.

Four men stand on the banks of the median strip as one of the brave crew wades into the water to reach the vehicle in a vain effort to rescue the couple trapped inside.


The man's feet are washed out from under him as he is carried along with the van by the powerful stream.

He manages to open the car door, climbing inside the van moments before it is swept over the waterfall while his friends watch on in helpless distress.


The crew of men rushed down beneath the bridge to find the woman clinging to the passenger's side door after the van became lodged against a pillar, Fox 5 reports.

The men were unable to rescue her before she was washed away downstream where she was eventually rescued by emergency crews.


The driver was sitting on the van's roof until the men managed to pull him to safety with a rope, but the couple were not seriously injured.

The man who attempted to rescue them was also washed downstream but managed to pull himself from the flood waters using a bush despite suffering a broken wrist."