Van Wheel Oppopinions

I’m looking to fresh up Jan Van with some new wheels. The biggest problem I am running into, is finding wheels that fit. I plan on keeping the same dimensions, because the tires are only a few months old. Dimensions are 16x7 inch with a 5x108mm (5x4.25 inch) bolt pattern. I feel like white looks great on the plain white (with black plastic trim and bumpers) body. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices:

Sparco Terra White Painted

Rally Van?!
Image: Tire Rack

Based on reviews, the biggest complaint is the Sparco lettering are stickers instead of paint or engraving. That’s not a huge issue with me. Another complaint was the difficulty cleaning them. They never specified how or why it’s difficult; just that it is. $150 per wheel is a good price for something that doesn’t look like I bought them at the local “Wheel World” or “Hot Wheels”



Pasti Dip Steel Wheels

Best reference I could find
Image: Pinterest

Pros: Cost about $70 worth of aerosol cans. Color can be changed up if needed. Won’t have to borrow or take to a tire changer.

Cons: not as great looking as cheap rally wheels. Tough job to get done when I daily the van.


Opinions? Tips? Other color than white? Am I insane for putting rally wheels on a van? (hint:yes)

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