Vancouver Oppo/Jalopnik Meet II

Well, another Oppo/Jalopnik meet in the books! We had an attendance of 6 people:

David Obuchowski (no car), Exage03040 (2018 Honda CB650F Motorcycle), gmctavish (Legacy Wagon), simonkhtse (BMW 635CSi), FromCanadaWithLove (BMW M235i) and myself (Fiesta ST)

Things went pretty smoothly, David nearly didn’t make it due to our city’s notoriously horrible cabs/traffic, but I work close to the Aquarium where he and his family were and was able to pick them up. First and last time I will ever have a full 5 people in my tiny Fiesta ST I’m sure.


I’ve posted our group shot, if anyone wants it edited or whatever let me know. I won’t identify who is who. I’m the one next to David.


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