Edit: the MVD rejected my plate.

My latest endeavour, Oppo, is submitting OFSGIVN as a vanity plate through the MVD. I told them it was a portmanteau of a holiday only in our family where we do an Offering + Thanksgiving.


I am waiting to get my plate or my rejection letter.

Like I have told people before, I did manage to get VAJAZZL through the MVD as well by telling them that I was a member of the Virginia Jazz League. Someone reported me 3 months later and I turned the plates in as a 7 letter punchline is not worth dealing with some crummy review board.


Other ones I have tried:

NYANYAN (success)
HRPADRP (success)
BOBOBUT (failure)
KHAAAN (success)
I get my registration fee back if they reject the plate. And the rules for what isn’t allowed (in my state) is pretty comprehensive:



So, Oppo, what’s your vanity plate story?


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