Are you the sort of person who enjoys playing a game that puts you right in the seat of an F-14 Tomcat and promptly shooting down every single MiG insurgents? Do you love Ace Combat? Well, good news! /jamesmay

(Full Disclosure: TimeSymmetry wanted me to test their new CFS game so badly they took $15 of my hard-earned money. Also, the reason I labeled this as a short review is the fact that the game is still in its Alpha stage, so quite a lot of content MAY be coming. Also, TheBaron's comment below summarizes most, if not all of my complaints about the game thus far.)


I recently got a hold of a copy from Steam as my friend (who was a bit disillusioned with Ace Combat Infinity right now) wanted to play something different. A few seconds and a hit to my wallet later, I found myself immersed in the cel-shaded CFS game for the first time.

I'm keeping this review short and in parts as I did say it's still not the final product that TS has offered, but it's still a full game, albeit filled with interesting bugs and slightly decent graphics performance (Note: This was played on my Y50 fitted with an i7 CPU chip, 16GB RAM (Corsair Vengeance) and a Maxwell GeForce 860M 2GB GPU.)

First impressions? It feels like a cheaply made Ace Combat game.

It still feels like a normal CFS game, though I wish the physics could be a bit better. The dialogue is a bit cheap, keyboard controls aren't ergonomic and you're bound to find yourself out of AIM-9 missiles trying to take down a lesser-categorized multi-role.


But then we get to the good bits: It's an Ace Combat game that you can practically mod.

Because it's an indie game in the same way that Minecraft is a blockbuster PC game, the number of mods is actually quite astounding. From new aircraft models to revisioned skins, from visual HUD upgrades to different soundbytes, you actually want to sit back and ask namco as to why they never made a game like this (answer: mostly because Ace Combat is a niche CFS game that's special in its own right.)


(Pictured: Not exactly a superweapon akin to the ones you see in Ace Combat.)

The number of planes established in Vector Thrust is an acceptable number, but they may include patches that actually have more fighters/bombers/attackers in the coming months. Right now, I want my T-50 PAK-FA, thanks.


As it stands, I would like to see an improvement in a few areas I've addressed (including the music), but knowing VT's modding community, I'd say this game is on its way to being one of the best CFS games you could buy right about now.

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