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Vegas [Update]

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So there’s a 50% 100% chance I might go to Vegas in September. Some questions...

  • What do flights from YYZ-LAS generally go for?
  • Anyone tried those track driving experiences there? I know there was a bad accident at one of them lately, but I still kind of want to do a track day.

UPDATE: Confirmed.

I’m currently looking at Dream Racing, seems well reviewed on TripAdvisor.

Thinking about these cars:

They have a package for the 911 + Z06, plus the Cayman is available as a warmup lap addon to the combo. Thinking that or just get 7-10 laps on the Cayman only. NSX isn’t available as any add-on, so I’m leaning towards a no there.


Somehow I’m not overly interested in the Lambos and Ferraris even though that seems like it’s what these things are about, getting bragging rights that “I drive a Lambo on a track”. The instructors there probably not the absolute best in class, but I still want to make it a bit more educational for myself rather than just the “thrill”, e.g. I want to learn more about car control rather than flooring it on the straight. I think I’ll get more out of the lower powered cars rather than jumping straight into a hypercar or race car.


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