Updated - Vegetarian food advice

So, one of my relatives is visiting me in Canada and I want to introduce them to new cuisines.


Sorry I should have mentioned this from the get go - me and my family are Indian and Indian food is something we both love and are familiar with. I was hoping for suggestions from other cuisines.


I understand that most restaurants have veggie options. But the challenge is finding veggie food that is actually cooked well and flavorful.

Sort of like going to a burger joint and settling for a bean burger, or going to a Thai place and getting Pad thai. (Although there are some genuinely good bean patties, most have been meh in my experience. With Pad Thai, I wouldn’t feel like I’m “settling” for something because I don’t eat meat.)


Problem is, most things I love are meat and meat based, but they’re vegetarian.

Are there any cuisines that have good vegetarian dishes worth trying.

I know Indian and Middle Eastern food has a lot of choices. Please help me with a veg dish and cuisine that you like below.


Here’s a Joop, because Oppo.

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