Hi all,

This will be a ways off yet as my job / living and financial situations don’t work for it right now, but...

I fully intend on importing a FIAT 126 from Poland to Canada sometime in the next few years (as some of you know). The issue is that I am obviously not there to look it over, and I hate the thought of buying sight unseen. Are there any exporters that Oppo recommends that could find me a 126p in Poland in good shape (and make sure it’s in good shape...) that wasn’t too expensive and also help me get work done to it before it was shipped out?

Labour rates for bodywork are much cheaper in Poland than here in Canada, and the workers are very skilled there...I would want to get any rust properly repaired before it was shipped over, plus have it drowned in Rust Check as well.

I’ve talked extensively with Borsuq and he would certainly help if he could, but decent-shape 126s are somewhat rare in his area, and he is limited by being hours away from the nearest port....in other words, it’s understandably a lot of work to put on his plate, and I don’t want to do that.

So, I ask my fellow EurOPPOnauts...anybody know of any reputable people / Oppos / export companies that aren’t super expensive and that could help me out with something like what I intend to do...? :)