Vehicle Importers UPDATE

Just a quick question, more for future reference than immediate action, but, are there any businesses in the United States that handle the entire importation process for bringing in a 25+ year old classic car from overseas, say, the UK to be specific?

I know you need to work with a shipping company, a customs broker, a registered importer, and get the documentation for insurance. I’m wondering if there’s anyone that manages all of that, so that all you need to do is tell the seller where to deliver the car and write a check.

I thought about maybe a specialist dealer, like Duncan Imports, but most of them only focus on Japanese cars these days, and I figure a dealer would be more interested in selling their existing inventory, unless maybe they’d do it for a finder’s fee or something?


MG Metro for your time.

uPDATE 3/13: so it turns out that there is a company in New Jersey, ca. an hour from my house, that does pretty much exactly this. They've already brought over a few Reliants for other customers, and are going to start looking for some good prospects for me. This might actually be happening soon!

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